Every couple experiences arguments and seasons of disagreement. However, sometimes these arguments and disagreements spiral into deeper issues. Some spouses may be aware of this gradual change, but others may be caught off guard when their partner asks for a divorce. If you have been blindsided by a divorce, you may feel confused and hurt. It’s important to remain calm during this time so that you can think logically through your options and cope with the changes ahead.

Murfreesboro Family Law is here to help you navigate your divorce and help protect your interests. Here are a few tips to help you as you face the next chapter of your life:

Remain calm.

If your partner has filed for divorce, try to take this news in stride. We know this can be extremely difficult, but do your best to maintain a sense of calm in the face of shocking news. You may be embarrassed, hurt and angry, but try not to say anything that you may regret later. Your spouse has already had the time to process and accept the idea of divorce. You need time to do the same. Take some time to collect your thoughts and find some solitude.

Remaining calm in the face of a divorce is especially important if you share children with your spouse. Saying or doing things you may regret later can also hurt your children, so shield them from negative conversations and actions as best as you can.

Rely on your family and friends.

It is important to allow the people who love you to help support you during this time. Be honest about what you need and let them help you where they can. Share your feelings as you feel comfortable and keep important people in the loop as the divorce proceedings progress.

Start protecting your interests.

After you have had sufficient time to adjust to the shock of a divorce, it’s time to think about what you can do to protect your assets, finances, important documents and your relationship with your children. Consult with a family law attorney as soon as possible to get an honest legal assessment of your situation and to design a plan for moving forward.

Think about the positive.

When going through a divorce, it can be easy to get bogged down by all the negativity around you. Even in the best of circumstances, dealing with an unexpected divorce can be extremely challenging. It’s okay to be upset and to grieve the loss of your marriage, but it’s important to keep your chin up. Be your own advocate and try to focus on the new opportunities you may have after the divorce. Do your best to invest your energy into your own well-being and find ways to still have fun in this season.

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