Although technology may have its downfalls, it can also help make life so much simpler, especially if you are co-parenting. There are several apps that are designed specifically to make co-parenting simpler and help increase communication between you and your ex-spouse. At Murfreesboro Family Law, we understand that parenting alongside an ex can be extremely challenging, but these applications may help.

Scheduling and Information-Sharing Apps

There are several types of calendar and information-sharing apps to make life easier for families. There are even some designed specifically for co-parents.

Our Family Wizard

Our Family Wizard is focused on helping families deal with the complications that come with sharing custody or visitation. The app addresses a variety of common co-parenting issues. It includes a color-coded custody calendar to help you keep track of the parenting schedule, including pick-up and drop-off times. The app also has storage and messaging features to allow parents to keep track of shared expenses, medical records and more.


Fayr is another application designed with co-parents in mind. It is simple and practical with many features for both parents. Both parents can access a shared calendar through the app and it also includes a GPS feature which allows the parents to let their co-parent know where the kids are on any given day. The app has a messaging feature and expense-tracking to help keep parents up to date.


Designed with separated and divorced families in mind, 2houses features a shared calendar and a detailed expense report to keep track of anything purchased for the children. The app also allows parents to share files such as medical information, report cards and release forms.

Online Safety Apps

Keeping track of the time your child spends online, as well as the websites and apps he or she is using can be challenging, especially when co-parenting. Online safety apps can help both parents monitor their child’s internet use.


Qustodio allows parents to supervise and manage their child’s electronic device. It works on several types of devices and systems. Parents can limit screen time and also see what their child did on their device at what time. The app can help block inappropriate content, watch social media activity, track calls and locations and set time limits for each app.

Kaspersky Safe Kids

This app, like Qustodio, helps parents monitor and control digital usage. It includes GPS tracking, manages screen usage time, and protects your child from exposure to anything inappropriate online. The app also features expert advice to help parents explain online safety to their children.

The attorneys at Murfreesboro Family Law know that co-parenting can be a challenge, and we’re here to help. Contact us today to learn more.