If you find yourself in a situation where you’re dealing with a spouse who is unfaithful or who manipulates by hiding money and assets, it can be a very frustrating position to be in. We understand that. We have helped a lot of spouses who had suspicions of this kind of activity, but didn’t have any proof. If you’re thinking about filing for divorce based on infidelity but do not have hard proof, or if you think your spouse is being untruthful about money and assets, many times we will suggest using a private investigator to help discover the truth and provide you with the best outcome in your divorce. 

When hiring a private investigator for a divorce case, it’s important to always consult with your attorney first. Over the years working with private investigators and knowing the legal system, we understand what to look for, how to guide the private investigator to what we need. We can also let you know whether or not you need to hire a PI at all. Not all cases require a private investigator, and can end up being a big cost to you at an already rough time, or can actually hurt your case in some instances. 

So, what are some reasons we have had clients hire Private investigators in the past? If you are dealing with a child custody dispute and believe your spouse is not fit to be the custodial parent, we may suggest hiring a private investigator to get the proof we need to fight for that custody. Generally, suspicion of drug use, alcohol abuse, neglect, abuse or other dangerous behaviors are grounds for hiring a PI. 

Proving infidelity is probably the number one cause that we have seen spouses hire private investigators for their family law cases. If your marriage had a prenuptial agreement that contains an adultery clause — private investigators can be very useful tools in the settlement of your divorce. In some cases in Tennessee proof of infidelity can be important for the outcome of your divorce. 

The last big reason we sometimes suggest clients using private investigators is to find hidden money and assets. In divorce cases it is not uncommon to find out a spouse was squirreling money, hiding assets, and trying to manipulate a couple’s financial situation when an impending divorce arises. If you suspect your spouse is doing this and you are considering filing for divorce call us today to discuss your situation with us. 

Going through divorce, deciding to file for divorce, preparing for divorce — it’s a tough time and can be confusing. It’s important to contact a Tennessee family law attorney to discuss and help walk you through the process. If you suspect your spouse has been financially preparing for divorce, has been unfaithful, or you are concerned for the child custody outcome of your divorce — discuss a private investigator with your family law attorney first.