As one of the most established law offices in Murfreesboro, we are proud to have helped many clients across middle Tennessee through their family law cases. Murfreesboro Family Law offers legal assistance in divorce, child custody, child support, and juvenile law. Regardless of what kind of family law matter you may be facing; you need experienced attorneys on your side. At Murfreesboro Family Law, we take a compassionate approach. We take the time to listen to your needs and concerns and truly understand every aspect of your case. We work hard to get the results you need while reducing the effects of litigation on your loved ones.


Divorce can be a very trying time for all of those involved, and just like every person is different, every divorce case is different. At Murfreesboro Family Law we take special care to look at every case’s individual characteristics to best help those involved. As your divorce attorney we will help guide you through each step of the process, making sure you are well informed along the way.

Child Custody

As a parent, all you want is what is best for your child, and we do, too. Having experience with many child custody cases, we can be your trusted legal counsel through this process. Many times, both parents believe they can give the best care to their child. As child custody attorneys we have been through these scenarios many times and can provide trustworthy legal advice on how to best navigate the situation. Child custody cases can be influenced by a few factors:

  • The child’s wishes
  • Each parent’s historical nurturing role
  • Each parent’s ability to provide the basic needs of the child: food, clothing, medical care, education.
  • The mental and physical condition of the parent’s
  • The circumstances of each party in the future
  • Any history of physical or emotional abuse to the child


Child Support

Child support calculation can be confusing for those who do not understand the calculation process. We base child support calculations on many different factors. The gross income of you and your spouse, the number of days your child spends with each parent, other children supported by each parent, as well as healthcare and daycare costs for the child all play into this calculation. However, regardless of each circumstance, our skilled child custody attorneys will advocate for your children to ensure they receive the care and funds they need.


Adoptions are such an exciting time for parents, but the adoption process can be confusing if you have not been through it before. Our team of skilled adoption attorneys will help guide you through the adoption process so you can focus on your jobs as new parents!

Grandparents Rights

Many times, when a couple divorces, we focus on the parental rights of each coparent. However, grandparents are also able to petition for visitation rights if the situation permits. Murfreesboro Family Law can lead you through any legal hurdles in trying to advocate for grandparent’s rights.

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