Fall is full of great activities you and your little ones can share—going to the pumpkin patch, doing a haunted hayride, apple picking, and more. However, if you and your child’s co-parent are separated, it is essential to create a parenting plan to navigate your child’s busy schedule this season.

Plan Ahead

Fall isn’t here yet but preparing yourself for the upcoming season will help set your child’s expectations for the time they will spend with you and your co-parent. In addition, having an agreed-upon plan with your co-parent ahead of time may help mitigate any schedule mix-ups or confusion.

Be Prepared to Compromise

We know there are a million fun fall activities you want your child to experience but depending on the time you can spend with them, you may not get to do every single one. So be prepared to compromise—you may be able to have a fun day at the pumpkin patch, but your co-parent has always wanted to take them to the apple orchard. It is important to be willing to compromise, so no burden is put on your child.

Leave Room for Error

There may be minor hiccups or changes that need to be made to your parenting plan as you go through the season. If you have divorced recently, there are bound to be mistakes that happen as you settle into this new phase of life. Remember to give yourself grace when going through this season.

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