At Murfreesboro Family Law, we see divorce cases of all kinds. Some cases are cut and dry, and some are a bit more complex—especially if you believe your ex-spouse has been unfaithful or is hiding assets. Things can get especially tricky if you suspect these things of your ex-spouse but have no concrete evidence. In some cases, we suggest clients hire a private investigator to prove or disprove allegations that could have serious repercussions in court. The three most common reasons we may recommend hiring a private investigator are to prove infidelity, manipulation through hidden money and assets, and if you believe your ex-spouse to be an unfit parent.

Child Custody

If you suspect your ex-spouse of abuse or neglect toward your children but cannot prove it, you may want to hire a private investigator. It may also be prudent if you suspect drug or alcohol abuse or any other dangerous behaviors that may put your children in harm’s way.


If your partner has been unfaithful, that could affect the outcome of your divorce. A private investigator can prove or disprove your suspicions so that you can go to court with concrete facts.

Hidden Money and Assets

Unfortunately, in some cases, ex-spouses try to conceal money and assets that they do not want to split in a divorce. If you surmise that your ex-spouse is trying to stow away cash and assets without your knowledge, you may want to hire a PI.

Not all divorce cases require you to hire a Private Investigator. In the majority of cases we see, it is not necessary. However, some divorce cases can be especially deceptive, and obscuring facts meant to be presented during a divorce is not only immoral but illegal. We do not suggest hiring a private investigator without a legal opinion. To book a consultation with Murfreesboro Family Law, call 615-890-3656.