The holidays can be a tough time for divorced parents. Having to share holidays can be frustrating, especially when you are not able to celebrate on your preferred day. However, planning ahead can make your Christmas and New Year’s much less frustrating and a lot more fun for you and your kids.

We recommend having a “set plan” for the holidays when it comes to who will be celebrating where and on what day. If you have an agreed upon plan well in advance, you and your coparent are less likely to have a disagreement involving your child. We find that planning ahead can resolve issues before they arise, especially around the holidays.

When making a holiday plan, there will likely be compromises you have to make. Compromising when it comes to your children can be hard because all you want as a parent is to make the holidays perfect for them. For example, celebrating Christmas on the 23rd or 26th may not be ideal in your mind, but perhaps if you make a concession on the day you celebrate Christmas, you will be able to celebrate on the day of New Year’s Eve.

Divorce is all about give and take—your holiday season may not work out the way you pictured it, but you can make it special all the same. Instead of focusing on what you’re missing out on this Christmas, maybe instead you can come up with creative ways to use the time you do have with your kids. Planning fun activities, making yummy treats, and watching holiday films are a few great ways you can maximize the time you have with your children.

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