Now that school is back in session, co-parenting may become more complicated due to extracurricular activities, homework, parent-teacher conferences, sporting events, and anything else that the school year brings. This can be a challenging transition phase for co-parenting, so we have compiled a list of tips to help this school year run smoothly.


When co-parenting throughout the school year, keeping your former partner updated on events and activities is essential. Communicating when your child is at home sick, has a library book due, or has homework to complete is vital to maintaining a healthy relationship throughout the school year. Always inform your former partner of any of your child’s goals or projects throughout the school year to help reduce the stress on your child. You could also consider making an online calendar that you can both update regularly. This will help you stay informed about your child’s upcoming activities throughout the school year.

Be Proactive

Divorce can put unintended stress on your child. Stay proactive throughout the school year to prevent any additional strain on your child. Make sure you are aware of any projects your child needs to complete, and consider contacting their teacher to discuss your child’s current home situation. Above all, always provide an open door of communication for your child and what they may be feeling.

Remain Positive 

If you and your former partner are experiencing stress trying to navigate this school year, avoid conflict and prioritize your child’s best interest. Remain positive, so your child can feel calm and secure throughout the year.

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