For many schools, spring break was this past month, and you may have gotten a taste of what summer will be like co-parenting. When your child has more free time in the spring and summer, it can be difficult to allocate their time properly between co-parents. Vacations, childcare, and summer activities can be a handful if you are unprepared. Drafting a summer co-parenting plan, planning vacations, and communicating effectively with your co-parent about activities will make the next few months the best they can be for your child.

Draft a Summer Plan

With all the time off kids have over the summer, you may consider adapting your co-parenting schedule. Often kids have rigorous schedules in the summer, with summer camps, activities, and time with friends. Regardless of the situation, you should plan where your child will be and when for the summer.

Schedule Vacations Ahead of Time

If you plan on going on a summer vacation, it may be a good idea to communicate that with your co-parent. If the vacation extends into some of your co-parent’s designated days, you should discuss it with them before booking. Likewise, if you are going on vacation and not taking your child, you may consider moving around different days with your co-parent to ensure your child always receives the best care.

Communicate Effectively About Summer Plans

The key to successfully co-parenting in the summer is having clear, effective communication on both sides. If you have had issues communicating effectively, consider hiring a licensed mediator to help you develop a co-parenting agreement for the summer.

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