When separation and divorce are on the horizon in your marriage, selecting the right attorney may seem daunting, stressful and you may not know where to start. We are here to help. When looking for a divorce attorney, you want to find an attorney that aligns with your court process choice, your objectives and who communicates well with you. Just as you can choose to divorce in several ways called process choices, attorneys have different styles and not all attorneys are one size fits all. One of the best steps you can take when deciding on a family law attorney is to schedule consultations. Most experienced attorneys will offer a consultation to discuss your case and determine if it will be a good fit. A consultation also gives an attorney the chance to understand not just your case, but your goals and desired outcomes for going through the divorce process. A few important considerations to keep in mind when choosing your divorce attorney:

Communication, communication, communication. Divorce is such a difficult time in a person’s life and it’s paramount that you understand how you would like to be communicated with. Different attorneys communicate in different ways. Some attorneys will be blunt, honest and to the point, with very direct communication. Others will use a more gentle or finessed approach in their communication. Again, having that initial consultation helps you to determine what communication style will benefit you most.

Along with an attorney’s communication style, there is also their method of communication to take into consideration. Divorce is stressful, confusing and you’re going to have a lot of questions throughout the entire process. Some attorneys are more accessible freely than others. You have your desired forms of communication and so will your attorney’s office – whether that be telephone, email, in person meeting or text messages. Finding an attorney that you feel you can communicate effectively with can help manage stress levels throughout your divorce process.

During your consultation, you’ll also want to get a feel if the attorney understands your desired goals and outcome. Different attorneys have different specialties. Often times, the style of the attorney can set the tone for the entire divorce process and you want to make sure that the attorney you choose understands your process choice and how you want to handle the case. If you have a high conflict ex, you may want an attorney that will stand firm and help you fight for your goals. Or, having an attorney who is family-oriented and experienced with mediation for dependents rights is what is best for your case. Bottom line, find an attorney that aligns with your goals, personality and communication style. We have many experienced attorneys at our Murfreesboro Family Law office. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation!