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Law firms focus on a number of specialties, making it a good idea to seek advice from a lawyer that has adoption expertise. Using the services of your adoption attorney for the filing of the adoption is an extremely important element of the process of adoption and something that’s not often managed by your adoption agency. A single error in the adoption process could add several weeks or perhaps many months to the finalization of your adoption. Use a lawyer who’ll do the job in a prompt and meticulous fashion. Below are great tips for working successfully using your attorney.

Choosing an adoption lawyer.

The adoption agency might help here. The adoption organization works together with various legal professionals and has learned those who would be the most experienced. The adoption agency’s objective should be to make it easier to have a easy and legal adoption, therefore they will be very careful in regards to the attorneys that they endorse. Referrals are actually as critical as cost. A lawyer might be employed by a sizable law office, or even in their own firm, however in the final analysis, their practical experience and history will be most significant. Consider the number of adoptions he/she has completed.

Connect with your lawyer face-to-face, not on the telephone.

Now is your opportunity to manage the particulars, precisely what he/she will do, the way it might get done, at what time it may get done and just how much it will cost. You should discuss this information to get a feel for the adoption lawyer- are you feeling at ease, does he / she take phone calls during the consultation, are there any interruptions, does he/she give full attention to your questions and uncertainties and does he/she appear well-informed? The attorney is there to protect your adoption interests as the adopting parents.

Both you and your child are the clients.

Often adopting parents ask why the adoption agency won’t just retain the services of the adoption attorney on your behalf. The primary reason is client discretion. The lawyer can’t satisfy your own interests as long as they are getting compensated by the adoption agency. This is a conflict of interest.

Check the Adoption cost.

Know the attorney’s fees up-front. More often than not the adoption attorney will require a retainer. This may be quite large, but if he/she’s an outstanding adoption lawyer, it’s worthwhile. Making every aspect 100 % legal is vital in the adoption. You wouldn’t want any sort of loose ends to return to haunt you because you attempted to go cheap.


Expect and ask for interaction. When you have a question you want to ask the lawyer, e-mail him / her to contact you. An easier way (and cheaper) is usually to write an e-mail to your lawyer, summarize the issue or concern and request that they e-mail you back with the answer. Be cautious about your adoption lawyer’s time, time is money, although consistent follow-up is essential. Make sure that your own messages and telephone calls are professional, not just a litany of annoyances, complaints, etc.

A great adoption lawyer is crucial, remember to obtain referrals. The adoption agency could also have some suggestions for help.

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