Adoptions often times can be a confusing legal process, but there’s good news – Murfreesboro Family Law is here to help you navigate all of it! Our experienced family law attorneys can answer all of your legal questions throughout the process. Adoption laws very depending on the state you’re dealing with, so it’s crucial you are aware of the laws that affect your specific situation.

We know you’re interested in the legal process of adoption, adoption is a time in a couples lives that is exciting but a little scary too. We get it. Just as much as you have things you want to know, as adoption attorneys there are things we want adopting parents to know too – and things that aren’t just itemizations and costs.

1. “Be patient.”

Adoption is a complicated process with So..Many..Steps! It can take some time to complete your adoption and the best thing you can do for you, us and baby is be patient. You’ll need to expect wait times when it comes to finding an adoption opportunity, receving ICPC clearance, meeting the residency requirements, etc. Patience during this time can be hard, we get it, but it can be one of the most helpful things to bring about a more positive adoption experience.

2. “Read what our attorneys and your agency sends you.”

A lot of the questions you need answer to, are answered if you read all of your mail and emails from your adoption agency and from us. Adoption Professionals put a lot of time and effort into the materials we provide and send to you — based off of years of experience.

3. “Complete your home study and supervisory visits in a timely manner.”

We talked about patience, here is something you can focus on to help pass the waiting. Make sure you finalize all your requirements for your adoption. If you’re not updating the requirements as needed, your adoption could be delayed and that would create unnecessary waiting. Make sure to plan and complete requirements in a timely manner.

4. “ICPC takes time, and we are moving as fast as we can. “

We understand how frustrating it can be to have your adoptive child placed with you but because the adoption is not finalized, being unable to return home to your normal lives. We want you to know, we want you to go home too — we are moving as fast as we can. Our family law attorneys will do all that we can to expedite the process and get you home and enjoying your new son or daughter soon!

5. “After the adoption finalization, some states take months to send the amended birth certificate.”

Amended birth certificates can take a long time to be delivered to you in many states. If there is an immediate need for the new birth certificate for things like a passport, you will need to let your attorney know as soon as possible. Without letting your attorney know, you could be using a lot of patience up waiting for that birth certificate.

Most of all remember your adoption attorney is on your side. We want to do everything we can to make your adoption experience a positive one. Listen to our advice and suggestions and understand we try to make the process as easy for you as possible letting you focus on what truly matters — bringing home your child.